Who We Are

Virtual Run Australia is a premier virtual athletic world, where runners, bikers and walkers alike compete, or participate in, virtual races. These races range from unique regional challenges, to traditional distance races, and other out-of-the-ordinary race concepts. We welcome any family member (dog jog, anyone?), who can find a way to safely participate in our events, to do so.

Goals of Virtual Run Australia:

  • Engage the running community on both a local, and national scale.
  • Provide support to athletes and those just starting their fitness journey.
  • Create an online community where participants can engage with one another, and form friendships.
  • Host events that are fun, safe and relevant to the Virtual Run Australia community.


Just like you, we wish we could be out on the roads or hitting the trails as a #VirtualRunningSquad. Since we all have to adjust our race routine to stay healthy, and keep others healthy, Virtual Run Australia is putting its best running shoe forward with a race series you can complete on your own turf, and your own time.